First home through Shared Ownership in Battersea for 26-year old buyer

"I looked at one-bedroom rental properties in the area but a lot of them were really expensive, I’d be looking at a minimum of £3,000 to rent somewhere nice. Buying through Shared Ownership means I am investing in a space of my own, in a location I love.”


Shared Ownership offers a way out of renting to save money

With the lease ending on the rental home in Balham, Olivia decided to explore the opportunities to fly solo and enjoy her own space and freedom. After experiencing the challenges of renting and navigating increasing rental costs since moving to London in 2021, Olivia was excited to break free from the insecurity and constraints of renting and invest in her first home in the city. Providing the perfect setting for a first-time buyer to get on the ladder, Olivia purchased a share of a one-bedroom apartment at Peabody New Homes’ development, New Mansion Square.

"I was determined to have my own space, but when I looked at one-bedroom rental properties in the area a lot of them were really expensive and I can imagine that I’d be looking at a minimum of £3,000 to rent somewhere nice in the area. Buying through Shared Ownership means I am investing in a space of my own, in a location I love.”


Olivia wanted to settle in her favourite south west London location

"When I first moved to London from Edinburgh, I didn’t really visit Battersea, but since everything has opened up it has definitely become the place to be. Since moving to New Mansion Square, I have no doubt that this is where I am supposed to be. I looked at other Shared Ownership homes across South West London, but the area here was by far the best.

Location for me was always top of my list, so I knew I needed to find somewhere I felt comfortable. There are so many amenities on my doorstep. It’s great to be able to walk across the road to the bars, restaurants, and shops at Battersea Power Station. On my lunch break, I can walk in the park with my friends and there are lots of little coffee shops around, such as Over Under Coffee. My grandmother came to visit from Edinburgh and she was really surprised by the community here and how vibrant Battersea is.”


Peabody New homes offers affordable yet high quality apartments

“I bought a beautiful one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment and I have to say that the space is amazing. Although I bought the apartment on my own, my partner stays often and there is never any issue with overcrowding thanks to the large open-plan living, kitchen, and dining area. All the appliances here are brand-new and from reputable brands, which gives me that added reassurance. Everything feels very high quality. I bought a south-facing apartment, which is great because I get lots of natural lighting inside my home. I also can’t wait to enjoy the sunshine in the summer and make the most of the generous balcony space.”

All our New Mansion Square homes were designed to include a private balcony and a terrace so that residents can enjoy beautiful views and get a breath of fresh air. Our developments also offer landscaped areas and communal gardens, perfect for meeting neighbours and building community.


Battersea Power station offers great connectivity

Olivia, who works in Financial Services, commutes to her office near Embankment two or three times each week. Explaining Battersea’s accessibility, she says: “Battersea Power Station underground is just a 5-minute walk away and thanks to the Northern line extension, I can spend just 12-minutes on the tube in the morning. I used to dread my commute from Balham as the tube would be so crowded when it arrived – being at the end of the line here in Battersea, you can get on the tube and always get a seat! I’m also finding that I can walk to more places than I had expected. I have friends dotted across South West London and I’ve discovered that I can walk to places like Clapham in 20 to 30 minutes to see them.”

New Mansion Square also benefits from great connectivity thanks to Battersea Park railway station that allows residents to get to Victoria station in 4 minutes.


Shared Ownership makes buying a home accessible to young people in London

“I had been saving for a deposit for a while and Shared Ownership gave me the opportunity to invest that into somewhere I could really call home. The sales team were very helpful, recommending brokers and lawyers who would ensure that everything was as straightforward as possible. From viewing the property through to moving in, I definitely found that the process was nice and smooth. Buying my initial share at New Mansion Square is really just the start. I would like to staircase over the next few years so that I own 100% of my home. Shared Ownership was just the step onto the ladder that I needed. I am a stone’s throw from Battersea Power Station and can’t wait to see how the area continues to develop.”

Shared Ownership bridges the gap between prospective first-time buyers and homeownership by allowing people to start with purchasing a share of their home as opposed to the total value upfront.

We have several homes available through Shared Ownership and private sale at New Mansion Square. You can reserve your home at New Mansion Square with low deposits ready to move into.