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At Peabody New Homes, we believe homes are far more than just places to live. Our developments are designed to enhance their surroundings and create strong communities that enhance your quality of life.

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Great homes in desirable Locations

Peabody New Homes build great homes in places where people want to live, we have an ambitious house building programme that will deliver at least 3,300 homes every year. Our New build homes are an attractive option for home buyers wanting to benefit from lower maintenance costs as well as modern furnishings and finishes. Our dedicated team are also on hand to support you throughout the home buying journey with homes ready to move into now. 

We offer a range of ways to buy a home with us depending on your situation. We help first time buyers with Shared Ownership as well as offering properties on the open market for private purchasers and property investors.


Sustainable New Build Homes

With sustainability being an increasing priority, our new build homes have a distinct advantage over older properties as they are more energy efficient.

Around 80% of new builds have a top energy efficiency rating of A or B, this means no additional costs on features such as double glazing or new boilers.

We are passionate about creating a sustainable Peabody, spanning from working in paperless environments within our offices, creating digitally electronic marketing brochures and striving to build more sustainable homes, as well as working with customers to co-design solutions to tackle climate change.

Environmental benefits of buying a new build home

Modern homes for modern life

All our new build homes are fitted with the latest technology and require the use of fire-resistant materials and smoke alarms. Investing in new build's often means investing in more safety and security for your home.

While older home purchases usually come with a chain involved, buying a new build property is often a 'chain-free' transaction which can dramatically speed up the buying process.

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Wheelchair Adaptable Homes

Peabody New Homes work hard to ensure all our residents can benefit from the same quality of life. This is why we believe accessibility matters. To make sure everyone can find their dream home, we offer wheelchair adaptable homes.

These homes can be adjusted to fit the accessibility needs of wheelchair users and allow them to live independently and comfortably in their home. Everything is designed to be adapted for a wheelchair user to use the bathroom, the kitchen and the bedroom as independently as possible.

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Our Story

George Peabody, a social visionary and philanthropist, set up The Peabody Donation Fund (later known as The Peabody Trust) in 1862 as his contribution to supporting low rent housing, which made provisions for low-income families to live in homes they could afford.

Our Vision

Our new values, principles and behaviours will put customers at the heart and provide the foundation for the culture of our new organisation.

Our Awards

Peabody has been at the forefront of providing affordable housing in London for over 160 years and has received many awards and accolades for our stylish and innovative homes in and around London.