The Peabody Vision

We put customers at the heart and provide the foundation for the culture of our new organisation. We take an inclusive and collaborative approach to developing our values and working together with the community.

The Peabody Mission

Our mission is to help people make the most of their lives, and as our founder George Peabody emphasised in his mission letter 160 years ago 'we aim to ameliorate the condition of the poor and needy of this great metropolis and to promote their comfort and happiness’. We're proud to say that our social purpose still stands true today.

As a charitable organisation, we do more than build homes and provide housing services, our purpose is helping people to grow. We achieve this not only by making a positive difference to our communities, but also by reinvesting some of our earnings from our new build development projects back into local communities.


The Peabody Community Foundation

We reinvest into social projects to support and provide additional social value through employment, apprenticeships, and educational opportunities, helping our residents live more fulfilled and independent lives whilst transforming our neighbourhoods.

We created The Peabody Community Foundation in April 2016 which directly supports Peabody’s mission and values. Our programmes support people to get the skills and capabilities needed to access employment opportunities and earn more money. We also support the most vulnerable to be healthy and live comfortably - we are currently changing lives and transforming communities across London.


How We Operate Today

Following a merger with Catalyst Housing in April 2022, The Peabody Group is responsible for over 104,000 homes and 220,000 residents across London and the Home Counties.

Our Homes

We believe homes are far more than just places to live. Our developments are designed to enhance their surroundings and create strong communities that enhance your quality of life.

Our Awards

Peabody has been at the forefront of providing affordable housing in London for over 160 years and has received many awards and accolades for our stylish and innovative homes in and around London.