We have launched The Auria, a collection of 1 & 2-bedroom private sale homes and 1-bedroom Shared Ownership apartments in Notting Hill London.  Innovative designer Pandora Taylor has worked on designed and styling the show homes for the development. Let's dive into what inspired her work at The Auria from interior design trends to the atmosphere of Notting Hill.

Who is Pandora Taylor, the interior designer for The Auria in Notting Hill London?

Pandora Taylor is a London-based interior designer with a penchant for creating homes that are deeply rooted to their location whilst remaining fresh and innovative. With a diverse range of projects from a beach house in the Hamptons USA, to country houses in Dorset and an East London warehouse apartment, Pandora has proven to be a truly flexible designer, able to apply her individual sense of style in myriad ways, ensuring the design is right for the location and client. Pandora works closely with her clients to ensure each project is highly personalised and a true reflection of the owner, but always with a grounding in lively colour palettes, rich materiality and acute attention to detail. Pandora’s greatest passion is furniture design and she is drawn to anything that challenges our assumptions on how everyday furniture should look. You will see her interiors peppered with colourful pieces with unexpected shapes.

Interior designer Pandora Taylor standing in the kitchen of the show room she designed for The Auria

The Auria show room was designed by Pandora to create a modern, warm and elegant atmosphere

What is Pandora’s signature style?

Pandora is most known for her bold schemes that embrace a rich colour story whilst managing to maintain an elegant, subtle approach that never shouts. Inspired by the past, antiques are often dotted throughout her interiors, along with bespoke furniture these interiors have an idiosyncratic, layered feel, sitting outside of obvious trends.

We have asked Pandora a few questions regarding the homes at The Auria and her creative process to design our beautiful apartments.

What did you draw inspiration from for this design?

It was important that our design reflected the wants and needs of our potential clients. We believe that what they are interested in right now and what they care about are ideas around sustainability and longevity. So the big focus in our designs were around the types of materials we brought into the apartment, with lots of natural timbers with a natural patina and a focus on more sustainable materials. Quality, durability and natural tactile textures can be seen throughout the furniture choices.

Is there an overall colour palette for the apartment?

We wanted to bring the same sense of energy you see on the streets of Notting Hill to the apartment, so the main space has a subtle sky blue base with pops of richer colours such as rust orange and mossy greens, interspersed with natural timber as a dominating colour. Whilst the bedroom is more of a haven, warm and sophisticated with burnt umber walls.

Can you tell us about the design of the living/dining area?

As we enter Spring, we wanted to create a living space that embodied this sense of new energy. The soft, sky blue walls provide the backdrop for the colours and tones we see in nature from mossy greens, rich, bark like rust tones as well as lots of natural timber with vivid grain that really shows of the beauty of this material. The large windows are framed by this sunshine yellow curtains giving any light that comes in that warm, Spring feeling.

What did you consider when styling the bedroom?

In contrast to the living space, the bedroom has a moodier feel with sophisticated burnt umber tones. The textured wallpaper makes the upholstered iron bed pop making the whole room feel like a cocoon from the vibrancy of the outdoors. Vibrant mossy greens continue into this room connecting the two spaces, along with some fun, unexpected elements such as the ceramic table lamps and green framed mirror.

Double bedroom at The Auria

This bedroom at The Auria was styled using earth tones and simple designs for a relaxing feel.

What are the best things about Notting Hill?

Notting Hill is a neighbourhood brimming with charm and character, offering a unique blend of vibrant street life and serene residential areas. One of the most delightful aspects of Notting Hill is its ability to feel like a city within a city. You can easily spend an entire day exploring its myriad attractions, each offering a distinct experience.

Stroll along Portobello Road Market

The iconic Portobello Road Market is a must-visit destination. Famous for its antiques, the market stretches for over two miles and is packed with stalls selling everything from vintage clothes and jewellery to rare collectables and fresh produce. The market's lively atmosphere is infectious, making it a perfect spot to wander, browse, and uncover hidden treasures.

Head to the best pubs in Notting Hill

After a morning of shopping, the cosy pubs along Portobello Road offer a welcoming retreat. These traditional British pubs provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, ideal for enjoying a pint of ale or a hearty meal. Whether you prefer a bustling pub with live music or a quieter spot for conversation, Notting Hill has a variety of pubs to suit every preference.

Discover Goldborn Road Antiques

For those with a love of history and craftsmanship, Goldborn Road is a haven of beautiful antiques. The shops here offer a carefully curated selection of furniture, artwork, and decorative items that span centuries and styles. Exploring these antique shops is like stepping back in time, each piece telling its own story and adding a touch of elegance to any home.

Shop at Westbourne Grove Boutiques

Fashion enthusiasts will find their paradise in the boutiques of Westbourne Grove. This stylish street is lined with independent shops and high-end fashion stores, offering the latest trends and unique pieces you won't find anywhere else. From chic clothing and accessories to bespoke home decor, Westbourne Grove is a destination for those seeking a sophisticated shopping experience.

Try out all the cuisines at the best Notting Hill restaurants

Notting Hill’s culinary scene is as diverse as its residents. The neighbourhood boasts a long list of fantastic restaurants, ranging from cafes and casual eateries to upscale dining establishments. You can enjoy food from around the world, with options that cater to every palate and preference. Whether you're in the mood for a leisurely brunch, a quick bite, or an elegant dinner, Notting Hill’s restaurants deliver an exceptional dining experience.

Become part of a real community

What truly sets Notting Hill apart is its community vibe. Despite being very central and close to the buzz of the City, it maintains a village-like atmosphere where locals are friendly and community events bring people together. The annual Notting Hill Carnival is a testament to this spirit, celebrating the area’s rich cultural diversity with vibrant parades, music, and dance.

If you are interested in finding your dream home in Notting Hill, you can explore our homes at The Auria and register your interest. You will discover the luxurious apartments available at The Auria styled by Pandora Taylor along with a wide range of premium amenities such as dedicated concierge service, residents' gym, co-working spaces and residents' lounge.

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