Size really does matter when buying her first home for Rani

"The Design of the apartment has a 'wow' factor to it."
- Rani, Private Sale buyer at Wharf Road


Discover how Rani found her dream home in Islington with Peabody New Homes

The home buying journey always proves to be an exciting yet intimidating time.
There are several factors to take into consideration when buying a home, with a recent survey revealing that for 77 per cent1 
of first-time buyers reported it was the size of the home that influenced their decision to buy, while location also played an important factor.

These prerequisites were especially important to 48-year old Australian native, Rani Sword,
who was successful in her two-year search when she came across our Islington development Wharf Road.

After living in Singapore for over 15 years and becoming accustomed to living in a spacious property, Rani was shocked at the difficulty she had when trying to find a home in London. She had viewed over 30 homes until discovering Wharf Road:

"I viewed the house on a Friday and knew immediately that it was the one, putting in an offer only three days later. After having lived in a spacious apartment in Singapore for over 15 years, a key feature I have sought throughout my first-time buyer process was recreating the same environment.

I enjoy entertaining friends, so a large hosting space was key for me, and I also liked to have a variety of rooms for different purposes, which is what Wharf Road offers. From a logistical point of view, I also have sentimental furniture pieces so I needed the right space for them.


Clever and thoughtful design gives homes the 'Wow' factor

Initially, Rani was told to be more realistic when purchasing a sizeable property in London.
However, when she visited Wharf Road, Rani knew the development was everything she was looking for, exceeding all her expectations:

“When I saw the apartment for the first time, I felt excited because it fit my criteria perfectly. I definitely had a “this is it” moment.
I’m the type of person who gets enthusiastic very quickly and from the layout of the property, I knew I could use the space in a variety of ways to entertain with friends and family.

Another part of the development that I have loved is the easy access to social spaces, with rooftop terrace access providing amazing views across London.”

Having always been inspired by well-thought out and stylish interior décor, Rani was impressed by the luxurious and sizeable space that Wharf Road offered, particularly the light and unique layout of the apartment:

“My favourite aspect of my home is the modern elements and style of the new build. The design of the apartment has a ‘wow’ factor to it. The rooms have a variety of different uses, as I’m using the upstairs room as a reading room or to host guests when they come to visit.

I love how every detail has been taken into account – from the underfloor heating, to the spacious built-in wardrobes and the immaculate white-matte emulsion of the walls and ceiling. It’s a place I feel truly comfortable in and I am proud to call my home.”


Enjoy the social buzz of nearby Angel and Shoreditch

The location of Rani’s new home also played a crucial role in her search, as she commented further: “I previously rented property in South Kensington but I was unable to buy a home in that area.
I was drawn to Islington because of the social buzz of nearby Angel and Shoreditch just down the road, with plenty of award-winning restaurants and fantastic bars on my doorstep.

Barbican is also within walking distance, which is a place I go often to meet with friends, as many of them live in East London. I enjoy taking long leisurely walks and with the canal just across the road, I have a whole variety of activities for my weekends.”

Peabody New Homes is renowned for consistently providing excellent customer satisfaction and exceeding the expectations of future homeowners. Rani spoke highly of the support she received throughout, praising Peabody New Homes for being attentive to all her queries and helping her find her dream home.

She commented: “I truly am enamoured with my new home and so happy that I found a place that has gone above and beyond where I envisioned to be living, especially as London is so expensive, particularly when you want a spacious property. I can’t recommend Peabody New Homes enough for buyers who want a more personalised and thoughtful approach to buying a home they have only ever dreamed of.”