Single first-time buyer finds her dream home through Shared Ownership in South East London

"I was scared but I took a leap of faith with Peabody New Homes, they were really caring and accommodating". Three years later, Mary is a proud homeowner at The Reach, on her independence journey.

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Thamesmead: a vibrant neighbourhood in south east London

The town offers stunning waterways, large green spaces and a growing number of independent retailers as well as a vibrant town centre to explore. It is set to benefit from a £1bn regeneration project that will transform the area known for its brutalist architecture into a rejuvenated community with timeless homes fit for modern London living. Peabody New Homes, in association with London Borough of Bexley and the Royal Borough of Greenwich, is at the helm to drive this transformation. Mary purchased her home with us at The Reach, our collection of luxury homes in Thamesmead.

"I did look for about four to five months before I finally made my decision, I was scared but I took that leap of faith with Peabody New Homes, they were really caring and accommodating. What ticked the box for me was definitely the space, the location and the flats have a luxury feel and value for your money"

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Shared Ownership makes homeownership possible for single buyers

"If you are interested in buying, and you are a first-time buyer, or looking to do this alone with a low deposit, then Shared Ownership is a fantastic opportunity to step onto the property ladder. You don’t need a huge amount of money, it’s a stepping stone you can achieve on your own, you can grow your equity and have a place to call home for a long period of time. I think more people should know about this alternative to buying a home outright! Set up a financial plan, including an exit plan, look at all the different scenarios and think about what you might want to do in 5 years’ time."

"When I started my search, I was planning to live with my sister but ended up buying on my own, surprisingly, a 2-bedroom apartment was achievable for me and has given me more space, an additional bedroom and freedom. I am a huge fan of my ‘Cloffice’ which is basically a walk-in closet and office combined in what would be bedroom 2!”


Peabody New Homes create a friendly and supportive community of homeowners

Peabody New Homes creates more than just a place to live, focusing on building communities at the heart of their developments.

The Reach looks pretty much the same as when I moved in, it's well-maintained and any problems I’ve had have been resolved quickly. We have a neighbours’ WhatsApp group which is helpful and everyone is friendly. I get on really well with my neighbours, who I now consider friends. We go for dog walks, have dinner and drinks together, it’s really sociable here."


Thamesmead to Central London in a few tube stops thanks to the Elizabeth Line

“The arrival of the Elizabeth Line has transformed the area again, I can be in west London in 3 or 4 stops and Canary Wharf in 1! With the improvements to the DLR and openings of new local shops – I am perfectly placed for everything I need.”

“East London felt overly crowded and overpriced. I wanted more space and stumbled across the Royal Arsenal. There are plenty of urban cafes, Woolwich Works, and there are always exhibitions running. The Thames Ferry is handy and I love going to the Woolwich market. I love the location, I have everything on the doorstep. It’s really easy for me when meeting with clients, I can hop on the bus and the other transport links are great. The area has loads of green space too so I can walk Louie; it’s a nice quiet area and I’m by the river.”


Staircasing offers a paced path to complete independence

"The incentive of getting my legal fees paid up to a certain amount was actually really helpful and made sure it was affordable. Peabody New Homes provided good customer service and made sure that they're thinking of their customers even after sales which was great."

Shared Ownership enables buyers to own their home by purchasing as little as 25% of the full market value. Staircasing is the process of buying further shares of your property as time goes on. It can be a great way towards full homeownership without the pressure of buying outright.

“My aim is now to staircase to 70% next year, but ultimately, I want to own 100% of my property and have a plan in place to do that. Life has changed for me, I am more independent, more mature. I am more appreciative of life and being a homeowner has made me more financially disciplined.”

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At Peabody, we have a number of homes available to buy through Help To Buy and Shared Ownership throughout London. Use our property search to discover a home for you and to register your interest.

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