Italian academic buys London home through Shared Ownership in Lewisham

"Shared Ownership isn’t something that exists in Italy but I think it is a great idea. I was able to buy a 50% share and find somewhere to call my own." Luca - Homeowner at Arden


Luca chose to buy off-plan to find his dream home

"Following my move from Rome to work at a London university, I had been looking to buy somewhere of my own for a couple of years. I sold my previous home in Italy but couldn’t find somewhere that felt quite right for me and my partner – it always felt like something was missing. I wanted a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with elevated views that benefited from a south-facing trajectory. At Arden, I could purchase a spacious home on the sixth floor with a fantastic aspect and plenty of sunlight. It just ticked all the boxes. After visiting the marketing suite at Arden a couple of times to find out more about the development and the apartment, I immediately purchased the apartment off-plan knowing I had found the place for me."

To get a better feel for his new home, Luca was able to visit the show home at Arden and have a look at computer-generated imagery of what the development would look like once completed.


Our new build homes offer energy efficient living in great locations

Most new build homes reach an energy efficiency rating of A or B thanks to features such as double glazing, increased air tightness and improved ventilation. They are designed with sustainability in mind which also means savings on energy bills.

Luca explains: "During my property search, I had considered buying an older property but knew that a new building would be more energy efficient and that I’d benefit from a range of new appliances. Arden’s location in Lewisham is also very convenient for me and definitely a key selling point. The apartment is not far from where I work, which is a bonus because I will be able to walk to the office in around 15 minutes. The public transport connections are also excellent. The development is only a 7-minute walk away from the DLR and, with services running every few minutes, I will be able to reach the city centre in around 30 minutes."


Arden is surrounded by Greenwich, Deptford and Blackheath

"From Arden, you can easily walk into Greenwich, Deptford, and Blackheath so there are lots of interesting places to visit. Greenwich village hosts a wonderful range of shops, as well as the Greenwich Picturehouse. Deptford is home to several charming cafes – ideal for unwinding with a good cup of coffee. Furthermore, in addition to the gardens being created at the development, Blackheath Park is close by, providing plenty of green space to enjoy, and Greenwich Park is one of my favourite places to go for a run."

Having access to parks and green spaces was a key factor for Luca. When designing our homes and developments, we want to offer more than a place to live. All our homes benefit from great services nearby such as cafes, restaurants, shops but also parks and gardens. Residents can also enjoy green spaces within the developments which is a great way to meet neighbours and strengthen the community.


Second time buyers can benefit from Shared Ownership

"Shared Ownership isn’t something that exists in Italy, so it was new concept for me, but I think it is a great idea. Despite my savings and my salary, I was concerned that I would never get the opportunity to buy what I wanted in London at a price that I could afford. With rents rising, I was keen to move out of the London home I was renting and make my way onto the property ladder as soon as possible. Through Shared Ownership, I was able to buy a 50% share and find somewhere to call my own. I would recommend Peabody New Homes and the Shared Ownership scheme to my friends, because the affordability offered has made it possible for me to own a place of my own in London."

Shared Ownership is a great alternative way to buy especially in cities with a tough housing market such as London. It is accessible to anyone who doesn't currently own a home which means second time buyers such as Luca can benefit from this scheme.