First-time buyers discovered Shared Ownership in Essex thanks to parent advice

“We didn’t know how we would ever be able to get on the property ladder with a smaller deposit – then my Mum mentioned Shared Ownership!” Maddie, Homeowner at Limebrook Walk


Shared Ownership was recommended as the low deposit way to buy

New baby, new home, new start! Following the arrival of their first child Leo, new parents Maddie and Mason purchased a 30% share of a new build two-bedroom house at our Limebrook Walk development, with a deposit of £10,000. Embracing all things new, the family made the move from Maddie’s family home in Canvey Island to Maldon seeking more space and a place to call their own.

After living with Maddie’s mother for 4 years, it was time for the couple to find a space of their own for their growing family, but having made the decision that privately renting wasn’t financially or emotionally suitable, they were then faced with the hurdle of saving a large deposit to buy a home. Conscious that their savings were limited, Maddie and Mason’s final deposit of £10,000 was acquired through a combination of existing savings and family inheritance. Maddie explains: “It was actually my Mum who suggested we look at Shared Ownership as you can buy a property with a lower deposit.”


Young family was able to move out of the family home thanks to Shared Ownership

Self-employed hairdresser Maddie recalls: “Covid was an absolute nightmare for us, with hardly any financial help, it was a struggle just to make enough to money to eat, let alone save up to move.” With her savings obliterated, it meant less money to put towards a much-needed deposit to enable her to move out of the family home.

Recognising the importance of having their own space to raise a family, Maddie and Mason began searching online and discovered the Share to Buy website. They registered their interest and were in regular contact with our sales team at Limebrook Walk. When the development launched, they received a phone call to progress their search and completed a financial assessment. Mason says: “The homes were still being built at the time, but we had to go through the financial process first. Once all that was done, we were able to visit the new homes in June, and rest is history!”


Buying a new-build offers a modern and functional space at lower cost

Moving into a new build home has given the couple a neutral starting point to unleash their inner interior designers. Maddie says “The lounge/diner is a great space, we bought a new sofa and treated ourselves to a new dining table and chairs. We were really lucky to be able to bring a lot of furniture with us from my Mums. With all of Leos toys the house never looked bare, it felt like home straight away. For Leo to have his own bedroom means so much to us.”

Mason says “The benefits of a new build are much more than just the lower running costs; we also loved the idea of everything being brand new and we were lucky that all the appliances were included, so it saved us a fortune and was a massive plus point for us.”

Reflecting on their experience, Maddie concludes: “Kirstie was absolutely lovely, she kept us updated, pushed for things to happen quickly when we needed them to, she worked with us and become like a friend in the end. We had a really good experience.”


Green spaces and parks offer outdoor time for families in Maldon

Delving into life in Maldon, Maddie’s says “The Maldon Promenade is lovely. There’s a great pub which we visited several times in the summer and plenty of other things going on. In fact, I spent this morning at a baby group in town, which is only five minutes away from our house.” Talking about their new neighbourhood Maddie comments: “Our neighbours here are so nice and the couple next door have a new baby as well, so we are looking forward to playdates for the kids as they get a little older.”

Mason comments: “Limebrook Walk is ideal for young families; there’s a beautiful park with a children’s play area in the shared green space here and I spent a lot of time there with Leo during the summer. Maddie continues “The development is really green and lush. It’s so nice just to wander through it and Leo loves looking around. People expect new homes like this to be crammed in but here all the homes are spaced out and there are plenty of green boulevards and planted areas which give an amazing sense of space.”


Residents at Limebrook Walk enjoy great connectivity to Maldon

Putting the key in the door for the first time in July 2023 felt like such an achievement for the couple. Maddie continues: “We were so lucky to enjoy our first summer here when we moved in, having our own garden and watching Leo enjoy being outside was so lovely.”

Working three days a week back in her hometown of Canvey Island, Maddie says: “Leo is able to spend time with his Nan while I am at work, its perfect.” Limebrook Walk keeps residents easily connected by excellent road links and a brand-new bus route which puts the very best of Maldon right on your doorstep! Chelmsford and Hatfield Peverel train stations are close, between them offering great connections to London and beyond.

Homes at Limebrook Walk are now fully reserved.