With sunny weather and the holiday season coming our way, summertime is the perfect excuse to brighten up your home interior. You may want to add some colour or turn your home into a source of uplift and happiness, there are plenty of roads you can go down with your upcoming summer home decor.

With the increase of warmer days on the horizon, what better opportunity is there to celebrate with a mix of style and ambience to create a warm, balmy feeling through the interior design of your home?  If you're looking for inspiration, follow our top 7 summer interior design trends to make every day in your home feel like a holiday.

1. Upgrade for billowy curtains

If you are looking for a simple way to create an airy summer feeling in your home, look no further than billowy curtains. Replace the heavier fabric of your curtains with linen or voile and you’ll be able to enjoy all of the dreamy natural light that comes in. When days start to get hotter, feeling the breeze circulate through your home - you’ll be glad you installed these lightweight, stylish curtains which will go well in any room of your home.

2. Adopt sunny yellow tones

Nothing says summertime quite like the many different hues of yellow. Yellow is a colour that is proven to spread joy and happiness, so it can’t hurt to make it the focus of your interior design. Whether you experiment with warm mustards, cooling corn hues or a sizzling saffron tone; there are many ways that you can introduce yellows to your home. If you're not sure where to start, try a few pillow cushions, a feature wallpaper wall and some bright curtains to complete the look you're going for. Surround yourself with yellow in your home, and you’ll always feel in good spirits.

3. Bring the outdoors, inside.

Create a Summery ambience with flowers and plants. Summer is a season where you will want to spend a lot of time outside among nature. But when you are home, why not bring a bit of nature inside with you? Spruce up your home with some beautiful plants and colourful flowers - elegant Lilies, Marigolds, Roses or you could try out air purifying Aloe Vera or the Kentia Palm to give your home that desired tropical feel. Summer plants and flowers instantly put you and your home in a summer mood that can last all season. As well as improving the appearance of your home, being close to nature is also great for your mental well-being. So go ahead and bring the outside, in!

Create a plant feature wall in your home

4. Get Artistic and play with painting your home

Sick of looking at white walls all winter? What better time than to summer whip out the classic blue paint and create a chic feature wall in your living room, hallway or bedroom? Bright, bold colours such as yellow, blue or red will help you to create an impact, but if you're not willing to make a mess with paint, you could try a patterned wallpaper accent wall.

If you don't have the time or the artistic know-how but have the budget, you could always buy some inexpensive (or expensive) art to help create that desired tropical feel at home. The bolder, and brighter the better when it comes to adding summertime 'inspo' to any room of your house.

5. Find some beach-themed decor

You may not be at the beach right now, but introducing some refreshing white and blue nautical home features is about the closest you can get to dipping your toes in the sand. Luckily, a nautical decor theme is also quite easy to do - go for soft blue stripes, neutral colours, and rustic wooden furniture to complete the beach deck look. You could experiment with trendy wooden blue cabinets in your kitchen, with complementary blue dishware, fabric prints and a stripy rug as a quick way to introduce some nautical vibes into a room that longs to be beside the seaside.

A bright, patterned accent wall is a quick way to inject summer vibes into your home

6. Invest in some floral prints decor and accessories

The nature theme doesn’t need to stop with your potted plants and flowers. From light pastels to making a statement with bold and bright, floral print has made a comeback right through spring and straight into summer. Why not use it as inspiration for the rest of your summer interior design? Floral patterns and vibrant designs are a great way to enliven a simple space, and you can introduce florals on anything from pillow cushions to rugs or furniture upholstery. There are few better ways to make your living space truly stand out.

7. Create a cooling effect at bedtime

Similar to billowy curtains, linen sheets are not just visually appealing they are a chic, breathable fabric that also makes those sweaty summer days much more bearable. As well as feeling lighter on your skin, they help to regulate heat and keep you cool over summer. Make linen an essential part of your bedding this summer, linen fabric has unique filtering, bacteria-resistant and ventilating capabilities, instantly providing you with a better night's sleep on a hot night. What better way to recreate a tropical, cool and airy feel to bedtime?

Fancy giving it a go?

Why not try out some of these tips and invite summer into your abode, when you buy a home with us. With a Peabody home, you can enjoy the benefits of living in an elegant and contemporary place. But that’s not all - you also get to choose from a range of ways to buy to make it even easier for you to put a personal touch on your new home. Check out our range of Current Developments around London and the Home Counties to find out more and register your interest.

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