Shared Ownership Homes in Ealing

How does one get the perfect place to live without spending a fortune? The answers may be found in our Shared Ownership homes in Ealing. Get on the housing ladder with this affordable part rent part buy scheme, and you can enjoy a lush and active lifestyle in Ealing!


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Ealing, W3 6TT

A boutique development for a vibrant community, Rosebank is a brand new destination in the heart of Acton, W3. Tucked away on a quiet residential street, this unique and intimate development incorporates a diverse mix of properties available through Shared Ownership and Outright Sale. Plus, the architecturally striking homes at Rosebank have been tempered with high quality interiors. Launching early 2023.

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What is Shared Ownership?

Shared Ownership makes it possible to buy a property that otherwise would not have been affordable on the open market. It is best suited to people who have some money saved, but not enough for a deposit to buy 100% of a home. In a nutshell, Shared Ownership allows you to buy a share of your home with a mortgage.

This can be as little as 25% or as much as 75% initially. Typically, people start with a 30% share. You only need to pay a deposit on the share you are buying, not on the total cost of the home. This means that the amount you need in savings is far less than if you were buying the same property outright.


Why you should consider Shared Ownership homes in Ealing

Living in London is a no-brainer - with so much to see and do, your lifestyle will always be entertaining. But if you’re struggling to decide where to live in London, there’s nothing more appealing than living in Ealing. With green spaces everywhere and plenty of shopping opportunities, Ealing will help you enjoy London life at its very best.

Our shared ownership flats in Ealing have something for all kinds of home-buyers. If it's peace and quiet you seek, Ealing has loads of parks and green spaces to clear your head. But if you want a more busy lifestyle, there’s also plenty of entertainment to be had in the way of shopping, eating and exploration. For anyone after a varied and comfortable lifestyle, our Shared Ownership homes in this area will help you start your housing journey in style.

Looking to get your new life in Ealing underway? Our range of Shared Ownership homes in Ealing will help you feel at home in your new city, with a choice of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in Rosebank. As well as offering a stylish blend of retro and urban living, our homes are just moments away from Central London, helping you make the most out of London life!


Lose yourself in the green spaces of Ealing

If you want your living area to be surrounded by nature and beautiful sights, you’ll never get tired of living in Ealing. Whether you want to throw a picnic with friends, or take a summer stroll - you’ll never be far away from a lush green space. When the hustle and bustle of city life gets too exhausting, your home in Ealing can offer you a much needed respite.

It’s easy to see why Ealing is becoming a dream location for young professionals. One of the best places to visit in Ealing is Gunnersbury Park, a beautifully landscaped area that is also home to two Grade 2 listed Georgian Mansions. Whether you are going for a stroll or to take in some history, the majesty of Gunnersbury Park has to be seen to be believed.

But that isn’t the end of delightful green spaces in Ealing. Northala Fields is a park that features a 22-metre tall mound that you can climb at your leisure. Featuring a visitor centre, fishing lakes and multiple playgrounds, there’s something for everyone looking to get out and about in Ealing.

After you’ve discovered the peaceful green spaces in Ealing, you’ll never want to leave. Ealing is perfect for anyone who wants to escape the fast-pace of city life, engage in outdoor sports, or even to start a family. Our homes are also just a walk away from North Acton Underground and Acton mainline stations, meaning you can get to Central London whenever you want to.


Unravel the impressive history of Ealing

Ealing has more going for it than its visual beauty. Dig deeper into the area, and you’ll find that there’s an impressive history waiting to be discovered! For example, Ealing is famous for its filming studios, which have seen films as diverse as Notting Hill and Shaun of the Dead. Get lucky enough and you might even spot a celebrity there.

If film history isn’t your thing, Ealing has a lot more going for it. Living in Ealing will mean you are never too far from a bit of retail therapy. Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre is the go-to place to find your favourite high-street shops, and you can also snag a bargain at Southall Market. Ealing is also close to the capital, meaning you could be shopping at London Paddington in a heartbeat.

Love discovering a fun cafe or restaurant? Ealing has a wide array of options for people looking for a night to remember. Expect to find all of your favourite restaurant chains on the busy high street, plus a choice of independent cafes and bars. Better yet, why not visit the Ealing Farmers Market for all of your fresh produce needs.

Whether you want a peaceful walk through a park, or a haven for shopping, Ealing is a perfect place for first-time buyers to get their housing journey started.

Our Shared Ownership homes Rosebank are a perfect launch pad to enjoy the delights of Ealing, from its green spaces to its various shopping opportunities.