Are you an Autumn baby? Or are you simply excited to cosy up at home with a hot chocolate? Wherever your love for this season stems from, this article will show you how you can recreate that cosy, autumnal feel within your home by choosing the right interior décor. Elevate the traditional Fall feeling by creating a unique, modern, and sophisticated Autumn interior using soft, warm hues and bold patterns.

Bring autumn decor into your home

Have you ever wondered how to prepare your home for Autumn? Mother nature is the perfect inspiration when sourcing colours to decorate your home interiors. An autumn colour scheme is traditionally thought to be made up of vibrant yellows, rich oranges, deep reds and browns, which are used to create that cosy, earthy feel.

With autumn providing such a large colour palette, it can be tempting to experiment with all bold colours. However, remember that using all the autumnal colours together, can clash, so it is best to refer to the traditional colour wheel and choose complementary colours.

There are 3 ways to experiment with autumnal colours, depending on your interior design skills:

  • Little to no experience: To keep your interior sophisticated, it is best to use accents of traditional Autumnal colours, paired with a neutral backdrop. Or to simply use lighter Autumnal shades, combined with textures and patterns.
  • Some interior design experience: Using bold Autumnal wallpaper or paint, paired with complementary coloured furniture that doesn’t compete on the colour wheel.
  • Expert interior design experience: If you’re confident in your interior design skills, don’t stick with subtle shades, use bold autumnal colours to make a statement.

Alternatively, let the fall colours outside compliment your interior. If you live in a rural setting, or simply have trees or a communal garden visible from your windows, use your location to your advantage and bring the outside in.

Our top, cost-effective, example of how you can make the most of Autumn in your home, is through a “Nature Swap.” Swap fabrics in your home for autumnal colours or nature inspired patterns, such as leaves or migrating birds. From tea towels in the kitchen to sofa throws in the living room, to your duvet cover in the bedroom. You can bring a touch of Autumn to almost every room in your home.

Pick the best Autumn decorating ideas

What qualifies as autumn house decorations?

As the leaves begin to fall outside, it’s time to think about how you want to create the perfect autumnal home. Prepare your home for the holiday season by finding the right balance, between bold traditional colours and cooler undertones. Keep the room looking modern by using contemporary furniture pieces to balance out the traditional paint or wallpaper choices.

If redesigning an entire room feels a bit too overwhelming, why not focus your attention on sourcing the subtle and unique autumn decorations that embody the season. Things like introducing ornamental items, similar to this beautiful leaf bowl or doing some leaf arts and crafts with the kids or flatmates will help you get that autumn feel without going OTT.

The majority of interior designers choose interchangeable decorations which can be swapped to make the room suitable for the current season. A rug is an ideal accessory which can be changed to suit the seasons. When styling an autumn home, a bold faux fur or shaggy rug would be ideal. Rugs with luxurious fluffy fibres help make your home feel warm and cosy as the weather gets cooler.

Autumnal wallpaper

Autumnal wallpaper

Create your outdoor Autumn decor

When thinking about nature in autumn, leaves are normally the first image that spring to mind. This is indeed a magical season where trees show off their ever-changing colours, and what better way to recreate this magic than a warm pumpkin or crispy leaf themed outdoor area – why not transform your balcony?

Here's how you can decorate a confined outside space so that it embraces Autumn:

  • Late-blooming flowers can add that touch of autumnal colour. The Michaelmas Daisy traditionally has purple petals but is also available in rich orange. Pansies that flower in winter are also an option, as are flowering heathers. Heathers are available in Autumnal gold and warm orange varieties.
  • You may not be able to house a fully grown tree on your balcony, but you can use climbing plants to take advantage of the infamous autumnal leaf. For a touch of fiery, deep red, invest in a Virginia Creeper. However, if you don’t fancy taming and preening climbing plants, get that touch of Autumnal fire with a potted tree, like the Cornus midwinter fire
  • How about growing your own vegetables? It’s never too late to start your eco-friendly journey. Plant vegetables which thrive in the winter, like garlic and onions, to be harvested next year. Pumpkins?

If we’ve got you excited about autumn enough to try out some of these ideas in your new home, take the first steps to get on the property ladder. Discover the homeownership options we offer to help you find your dream home.

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