As we transition from spring to summer, it's time to freshen up our interiors with some of the latest design trends. This year's trends focus on creating a welcoming, nature-inspired space with pops of colour and sustainable choices.

1. Dopamine Colours & Pantone Colour of the Year

One of the hottest trends this year is the use of "dopamine colours." These are bright, bold colours that evoke a sense of happiness and joy. Think sunshine yellow, hot pink, and electric blue. These colours are perfect for accent walls, statement pieces, or even just a pop of colour in your accessories.

Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2023, "Viva Magenta", is an incredible colour to bring in some vibrance into your home. It combos gorgeously with soft blushes into deeper blues, as well as some fresher greens.

2. Sustainability and making the old new again

Sustainability is a hot topic in all areas of design, and interiors are no exception. This year, the trend is all about making the old new again. Instead of buying new furniture, look for vintage or second-hand pieces that can be upcycled or repurposed. You never know what treasures could be lurking within the depths of Facebook marketplace or your local area’s freecycle.

Not only is this approach better for the environment, but it also adds character and personality to your space. You can also look for eco-friendly materials like bamboo, cork, and recycled glass for your decor.

3. Touches of Nature

Bringing the outdoors in is always going to be relevant. Think natural textures, earthy colours, and organic shapes. Incorporate natural materials like wood, stone, and clay in your decor.

Make the most of your natural light in your home and add some greenery with plants like fiddle leaf figs, monstera plants, or hanging ivy. Use botanical prints on your textiles or wallpaper to create a nature-inspired theme.



4. 70s are back

Another trend that has gained popularity is the return of the 70’s inspired interior design. One of the key elements of 70’s interiors is the use of warm and earthy colours, an opposing take on the dopamine colours reflected by Pantone. Think Dulux’s colour of the year, Wild Wonder. Pair this with olive greens, burnt orange, leather tones.

We’ve also seen a resurgence of floral designs and panelled walls that were everywhere in the 70s. Using wooden panelling brings that warmth into the backdrop for all your furniture to shine.

5. Collected and Curated pieces

Fast fashion has been a hot topic for a while and fast furniture is joining that conversation as something to avoid and be mindful of. This next trend goes hand in hand with using pre-loved furniture as another sustainable option to decorate and furnish your home. Consider using local suppliers for your furniture pieces, getting something more bespoke and tailored to your own needs rather than supporting furniture that is temporary.

The same goes for any home accessories and art, look at your local artists and ceramicists and bring some unique and interesting pieces into your home. Not only will you be supporting your local area, but you will have something one off and beautiful in your home.

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